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What is your policy for all ages shows?
No alcohol is allowed in the show room during all ages shows. If you are of age, you can cross over to the old bar for drinks during the show.


What is the door time for your shows?
Most ID shows are at 9pm. All Ages shows are usually at 5pm or 6pm. Door times for each event are listed on the calendar page.

Can I go into a show before the doors open?
No, but you can drink or eat some food in the Original Triple Rock Bar right next to the club.


Do you sell advance tickets to your shows?
Yes! Many shows do have advance tickets. Currently the shows with advance tickets are sold online through this website, at the bar, and at various locations around town, including Red's Savoy Pizza in Uptown and The Electric Fetus.

Do you sell tickets at any record stores around town?
Yes! Tickets are available at The Electric Fetus for all of our ticketed shows. Additionally, tickets for certain shows are available at Extreme Noise Records and Fifth Element.

Do I get an actual ticket in the mail when I buy them online?
Our ticket company does offer the option to have tickets mailed to you.


How the hell do I get to the Triple Rock?
We thought of this question in advance and made a section on this site for this purpose. You can find this information in the Location & Directions page. We're way ahead of you, champ.


Where do I park my gas guzzling vehicle?
We do have a limited number of parking spaces located behind the club. There are also a few public lots in the area, as well as a few side streets but how lucky do you feel? We endorse the use of buses, cabs, bikes, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades. Well, maybe not rollerblades.


How do I get my band booked at Triple Rock?
Email us at We highly recommend you include a links to your website/social media etc. We do not review or listen to promo materials sent by mail to the club.

Who does the booking anyway?
We do! contact us at

The Triple Rock Social Club | 629 Cedar Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55454

Please help us to reduce parking congestion in our neighborhood by using alternate means of transportation
such as bikes, buses, and taxis or by parking in one of the several nearby public lots.

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