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Out of Bounds

1/2 Room Show

Out of Bounds

Breakneck + Mr. Pizzy, Lam, Lu Cipher, The Perfect Rejects

Wed 03/22

8:00 pm


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Out of Bounds
Out of Bounds
Who the hell is Out of Bounds anyway? Representing the Twin Cities, Out of Bounds formed in the mid 90's from a group of individuals immersed in hip-hop culture. After many years of studio work and honing their craft, the lineup dwindled and the sound evolved. In the height of the rave party era, members of the group became transfixed on the sound of electronic music, which greatly influenced the group's musical ideas. The outcome of this is evident in the decade-long music making endeavor that resulted in the release of the group's debut album, hedfonmuzik. One thing remained constant - a new breed of hip-hop incorporating elements of electronic music. The current state of Out of Bounds is this: a DJ and an MC, each a jack of all trades but masters of nothing. Together the two are producing some of the most innovative electro-influenced beats in the TC. These two crazy people actually made hundreds of skeleton beats that would be sifted and molded into "hedfonmuzik" over the course of many years. With the help of co-producer Stephen Wayne, the album was polished into the work it is today.

The MC: Caesar
Chris Caesar spits more tongue twisting lyrics in one minute than the human mind can digest. Hip-hop has always been a big part of Caesar's life. While playing the drums in high school, the rhythms in his brain converted into lyrics and cadence. At the same time, the electronic music scene exploded and became a strong influence in the music Caesar began to create. The fusion of the two styles took shape over the following years. Now this mad-electro-hiphop-scientist has graduated to the ranks of producer/engineer. Caesar produced beats on the group's debut release and is currently making an arsenal of tracks for the new album.

The DJ: KG
Got beats? KG got plenty. This guy is responsable for some of the most complex programing on the group's CD. Keith Goya's first musical influences included early Michael Jackson and Prince. After discovering Portishead, DJ Shadow, and Crystal Method, his interests shifted to hip-hop and electronic music. After three years of recording the album "hedfonmuzik", Keith is now a self-taught producer/engineer. Live on stage, KG has done livePA on-the-fly beat mixing with the MC505 Groove Box while scratching samples. Damn that DJ!
Breakneck + Mr. Pizzy
Breakneck + Mr. Pizzy
BTM has released four albums and played stages in major cities all across the midwest and collaborated with acts such as Heiruspecs, Eyedea and Abilities, Awol One, Tech N9Ne, I Self Devine, Kanser, Down Lo, Ras Kass, Kristoff Krane, Carnage the Executioner, Irie Sol, The Crest, St Paul Slim, Ecid, God Johnson, Pack FM, Dred I Dread, and Mac Lethal along the way.

Mage's 2009 album "Breakneck the Mage Is Dead" was a dramatic attempt to bend the rules of the genre by touching on such sensitive issues as humility, suicide, depression, and battling legal and personal problems. This ground-breaking release helped cement Breakneck as an artist to be watched for in the upcoming years.

BTM has expanded his legacy by hosting a hip hop radio show, networking and collaborating with numerous talented hip hop artists and musicians, starting a design firm and record label(Sonic Swings & Stylings), booking shows for artists all across Wisconsin and Minnesota, and by having complete control of all the promotional items created by SS & S.

In 2010, he released the second installment of his "Industry Beats" Series and helped push a big snowball of momentum into the new year.

In 2011 he released two Breakneck the Mage full-lengths (The Misadventures of... and Overdubs & Overdoses) and the brand new "Ty Jiggs" Mixtape. On the strength of these releases Breakneck toured the country and extended his reach further across the map.

On the battle circuit, BTM continues to push his market further and is currently at an official record of 4-1.

2012 will see the release of much new material, battles in Missouri, Colorado, and Minnesota, and much much more so stay tuned.

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Lu Cipher
Lu Cipher
The president, founder and biggest fan of Waystid Talent LLC. When it comes to getting Waystid to run smoothly, this man does everything from record music to managing artists to graphic design and web development. He is an accomplished battle emcee and songwriter. He’s got countless hours of freestyle footage, music videos and more on YouTube. Cipher is one of the hardest working people in music today. Be sure to check out this sampling of his work and stay tuned for more right here on Waystid Talent Online.
The Perfect Rejects
The Perfect Rejects
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