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Twin Town 20th Anniversary Celebration

Twin Town 20th Anniversary Celebration

Dosh, BNLX, Porno Wolves, DJ Lori Barbero

Sat 08/05

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

In 2003 Anticon proudly released Dosh's virtuoso debut, Dosh, a loop-building collage of shimmering Rhodes, atypical drumming grounded in groove, field recordings and spontaneous performance (much of the album was pieced together using the 100-plus hours of tape he'd recorded at his parents'). By then he'd developed his untouchable live one-man show (swiveling on his drum stool between a kit, his modified Rhodes piano, a few pots and pans, and a simple looping pedal with a 12-second recording limit), and took to the road. Back in Minneapolis, the city he'd finally recognized as home, Dosh had been teaching drum lessons to children and falling in love on the side. He formed a family with his wife Erin (who he'd wooed by handing her a copy a song called "I Think I'm Getting Married") and her 6-year-old son Tadhg. Soon he'd be composing a track titled "Building a Strange Child," and so they would. Dosh's second full-length, Pure Trash was inspired by his life's most pleasant turns, and though the album was instrumental (minus cameos by Erin, Tadhg, the newborn Naoise, and his students), it emoted all the warmth and anticipation, fear and relief that comes with building a family. Dosh's third album, The Lost Take, showcases the man's unique approach to sound with an expanded musicality and growing guest-list including Andrew Bird and members of Tapes 'N Tapes.

His Fourth record, Wolves And Wishes, adds to the ever-impressing oeuvre with the explorative wonderment of a debut album. To date Dosh has recorded with Bonnie 'Prince' Billie, Fog, Jel, Odd Nosdam, Neotropic, Andrew Bird, Redstart, Vicious Vicious, Poor Line Condition, Lateduster, Why?, the Interferents, members of Tapes 'N Tapes, and just about any Twin Cities band with a collective ear for good taste and experimentation. He has shared the stage with Andrew Bird, Wilco, Why?, Damo Suzuki, Gary Wilson, Golden Smog, Sole, My Morning Jacket, Tapes 'n Tapes, cLOUDDEAD, Sage Francis, Devendra Banhart, Kid Dakota, Alias, Themselves, Peanut Butter Wolf, P.O.S., Happy Apple, Joseph Arthur, Pizza Boys, the Bad Plus, The Jayhawks, Atmosphere, DJ Vadim and many more.
"fuzz-and-drum-machine-fueled psych-kraut-postpunk" - Soundbites NYC

"blistering post-punk inspired rock, with male/female, call-and-response vocals, feedback, harmonies, old-school drum machines and ridiculously catchy choruses" - Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

Other elements of BNLX are unexplained and may remain so.

One team, one dream.

Meeting and/or exceeding expectations since Q1 2010

BNLX is engaged in an ongoing campaign to heighten awareness, engender revolutionary spirit, and foster an energetic response to the hegemonic forces currently monopolizing the means of production. This "music" event is one component in an overall action scheme which includes the deployment of informational and conceptual constructs utilizing audiovisual media and situationist tactics. This action scheme (officially known as the BNLX Second One Year Plan) will involve a range of cultural exchange activities (concerts, recitals, and other product demonstrations) and will be coordinated with the release of bundled intellectual property assets ("music" product).
Porno Wolves
Porno Wolves
n a world where each day seems to be heading to rock & roll extinction, the Porno Wolves are preparing the revolution.

The Minneapolis, Minnesota based rock & roll quartet – lead vocalist and guitarist Ryan Bachman, saxophone and guitarist Steven Schwartz, bass guitarist Shea Drenkow, and drummer Anthony Gore – took to their dirty, secluded rehearsal studio to perfect their 2015 debut album Shine Like Gold. With unstoppable rigor and a fierce do-it-yourself attitude, the Porno Wolves are set to release their highly-anticipated second album, Young Moon Rising: Live in June of 2016, which is a combination of new material as well as debut highlights, all recorded live from a full-capacity show in January 2016.

While difficult to describe, yet undeniable when witnessed live, the Porno Wolves fill the room with raw energy, hypnotizing their audience with psychedelic rock & roll, and described by Music Connection Magazine as “a concoction of grunge, sex appeal, and a whole lot of sound.”

With debut album hits such as “Hot Boyz” and “Moonshine” – described by local legend Barb Abney as “a trippy, acid-rock number that features Ryan Bachman’s hypnotic, Robert Plant-esque vocals layered over chunky guitar licks and a driving beat,” in rotation on 89.3 The Current and Go 96.3, the Porno Wolves landed reputational success. Spending the year after its release relentlessly booking, promoting, and performing nearly 30 shows in a wide array of venues in their hometown, the Porno Wolves will be expanding their fan base by visiting new cities and states in support of their upcoming album release.

Obsessed with their craft, the Porno Wolves have plans to follow up Young Moon Rising: Live with a studio version in the latter part of 2016 which will feature new material.
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