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Lovely Dark (Album Release)

Lovely Dark (Album Release)

Maeth, The Sunny Era, Christopher Weiland

Fri 08/11

9:00 pm

$6.00 - $8.00

Off Sale

This event is 18 and over

Lovely Dark (Album Release)
Lovely Dark (Album Release)
Lovely Dark was formed when six good friends from opposing ends of the musical spectrum came together, intent on exploring a new soundscape, where booming percussion and driving bass lines create the foundation for haunting vocal harmonies and soaring guitars.

Drawn from elements of psychedelic folk, world music, and post-punk, what resulted can ultimately be described as hard-hitting indie pop, with songs clocking in at about three minutes apiece.
"... a more raw, more earthy version of scale the Summit."

"this incredible noise oozed into my ears and left me feeling cleansing waves of vibration surging up and down my spine."
-Heavy Planet

"Oceans Into Ashes is a progressive metal fans wet dream come to life."
-The Sludgelord

"A sound that is tribal, primal... a vast canvas of tones and emotions; progressive, through and through, but never pretentious."
-The Sleeping Shaman
The Sunny Era
The Sunny Era
The Sunny Era is a three-piece group from Minneapolis that continues to explore multiple instrumentation and rich orchestration to create songs that play on the striking contrast between bright and hopeful to dark and mysterious.
Christopher Weiland
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