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The Riverboat Gamblers, The Soviettes

The Riverboat Gamblers

The Soviettes

Drones, Supportive Parents, 83 Wolfpack

Wed 11/15

8:00 pm


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The Riverboat Gamblers
The Riverboat Gamblers
Formed in Denton, Texas in 1997, The Riverboat Gamblers, instantly made a name for themselves with their rowdy, energetic live shows.

Building a local following, based on a self released single and lots of sweat, the band began to take the show from the dives and house parties of their home State to the rest of their Country. In 2001 Austin punk legend Tim Kerr (Big Boys, Poison 13) produced their (s/t) debut album released on the Washington D.C. based label Vile Beat Records. The band's unique performances caught the attention of S.F. based label, Gearhead Records, a deal was inked & earlier this year their second album--also produced by Tim Kerr--"Something To Crow About" was released.

With the momentum from all the positive press received from "Something to Crow About" in magazines such as Spin and Alternative Press, the Riverboat Gamblers again hit the road awing crowds from New York to San Francisco. The band continued to earn pages of press for both shows played and shows cancelled due to injuries. The intensity of the Gamblers live shows have caused broken teeth, lacerated body parts, and thousands of dollars in medical bills....
but all unintentional and all in the name of fun. It's all part of the X factor that has given the Gamblers a fanatical and even somewhat celebrity following and has made them America's media darlings.The band continue to press on writing new material and preparing for the upcoming European and Japanese tours. The video for the hit single "What's What" is nearly completed and the song is to be featured on Jackass star Bam Margera's part in the November 411 video magazine.

The Gamblers have played with a wide range of

artists, from the Dictators to Chris Isaak to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
They have headlined Austin's SXSW three years in a row, and kicked everyone in the face at Gearfest (U.S.A.).

The Denton, Texas tradition of proving fertile turf for music is solidified with The Riverboat Gamblers. Rock, punk, pop, garage, whatever you want to call it, is all swirled into an intense ball or thermonuclear energy ready to explode. Whenever the Gamblers take the stage, make sure you have a blast shield.

The odds seem in favour of betting on The Riverboat Gamblers!
The Soviettes
The Soviettes
In October 2001, Annie, Susy, Sturgeon and Lane (Monkey Hustle) Pederson started practicing in Lane's basement in Midway St. Paul, MN. Annie told a customer at her coffee shop job, that she had started playing in a band, and he said that the band should be called The Soviettes, and that was political reasons, just a name. We recorded our 1st 7" , TCCP, with Mike Wedel in his basement a couple months later. Our friend Max put it on his label, Pop Riot Records. Lane played drums on TCCP only. Lane being busy with school and in Dillinger Four we looked for a new drummer. Annie brought in Danny, who was a friend of hers. Danny fit. A split EP with Max's band, The Valentines, was next. LP I and LP II were both recorded by Jacques Wait, and put out by Adeline Records. LP III was also recorded by our great friend Jacques, and put out by Fat Wreckchords. A split 7" with the japanese band The Havenots was put out by Nice and Neat Records, "Don't Say No" 7 " was on Dirtnap and "Rollergirls" 7 " on Fat. We toured extensively throughout the U.S. during the summers, as Sturgeon was a teacher. Our last tour started in September 2005 and took us to all 50 states in 3 months. When we returned from that tour Danny decided he didn't want to tour anymore and wanted to pursue his career path. 2 weeks later Susy moved to San Pedro, CA. Though it was discussed that we might still play shows here and there, time passed and without touring and all band members, a permanent hiatus just happened. Danny and Annie played in Awesome Snakes, Annie now plays in The God Damn Doo Wop Band, Sturgeon plays in The Gateway District, and Susy plays in That's Incredible. Check our new bands on Myspace! Thanks to everyone who let us sleep on their floors, came to our shows and partied.

The Soviettes were formed in the winter of 2000. They have three full lengths (LP I, LP II, LP III), a split with the Valentines, a track on the No Hold Back… All Attack!!! Minneapolis band comp, and a couple of bitchin' 7"s.

As stated before, there are four members of the band. Here are their individual accomplishments.

Annie Guitarist / Vocals:
The Soviettes aren't communists of any flavor. They're more like partiers. The name came when the band was looking for a name and Annie was serving coffee. Instead of receiving a cash tip, a customer said, "You're band should be called the Soviettes." Ta da. Annie won a limbo contest in Fargo, North Dakota. It was a big deal. At thirteen, Annie purchased her first punk rock record. The Sex Pistols' Never Mind the Bollocks was in a used bookstore, hidden among a box of Christian records. Annie played bass for The Hostages, International Robot, and plays in a noisy 2-piece called Awesome Snakes

Sturgeon Guitarist / Vocals:
Sturgeon is meticulous (there are extensive pre-tour checklists) and safety conscious. ("Everybody buckled up?") She is a math teacher. Her dad is a famous scientist. Her favorite teacher of all time was also a math teacher: Ms. Bibblenix. She was in a band called the Salteens and has recently been married to Billy, guitarist of Dillinger Four.

Suzy Bass / Vocals:
Suzy is super accident-prone. When she was growing up in Fargo, the staff at the emergency room knew her by name. Her dog, Tucker, would curl up in the bass drum when the band was first practicing in her basement. Suzy got married in Vegas. Suzy is now divorced. She played in two Fargo punk bands in the early 1990s: Vroom! and Bombshell.

Danny Drums / Vocals:
Danny has a penis. Shhh!
Danny was the best free throw shooter at basketball camp. In front of four hundred kids, he sank nine out of ten. He readily admits he's not that great at basketball. Danny talks to his mom on the phone at least once a week.
Danny played drums with the Dummies, Short Fuses, International Robot, and is also in Awesome Snakes.
Supportive Parents
Supportive Parents
Supportive Parents is a punk band formed by people in 2014. Those people played in other bands before Supportive Parents too though. Their music has been described as "Billy Joel screaming 'til he feels he's going to barf." By them. Supportive Parents wants your money. And they want it now.
83 Wolfpack
83 Wolfpack
A fun new band ft. members of the Turkletons, Lipstick Homicide, and The Slow Death
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