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Unknown Mortal Orchestra

First Avenue & Radio K present

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Mon 06/08

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
In many ways, the album is Nielson's reckoning with
reinterpretation of the promise of the '60s. Have t
he ideals from
that period of searching optimism, and the correspo
progress towards more fulfilling relationships and
a more just
society, truly been been met, or as Nielson believe
s, are we all
still searching? Viewed through the prism of today'
s progress (or
lack thereof),
speaks to a more complicated and tricky
view of love, enlightenment and racial harmony. "Pu
literally begins with what sounds like windows shat
tering and
someone sweeping up the pieces of broken glass, an
of recent racial tension in Ferguson and elsewhere
that show a
country off course.
"I was listening a lot to
by Sly and the Family Stone,
obsessing over the lyrics of this multi-racial band
and all these
different people coming together to make music" say
s Nielson. "I
thought we were getting better. We've had these bet
ter ideas of
ourselves for decades, but how much have things rea
This was also a family affair. His brother, a drumm
er and former
bandmate in Flying Nun punk band The Mint Chicks, a
s well as
his father, a trumpet player who had set a hedonist
ic example
during his childhood, make guest appearances. The s
"Necessary Evil" (Transform into the animal you nee
d to / Fly
from a destiny infested with chemicals) references
shared affinity for a hard-partying lifestyle with
his father.
Revisiting old relationships and loves, reconnectin
g with family,
reinventing your artistic process: what might seem
like a series
of painful processes liberated Nielson. It's tricky
raw material to
fashion into something more buoyant and illuminatin
g. He just
hopes the searching and reevaluating help others ta
ke stock of
their own connections and achieve catharsis
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